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Never delete - rename first!

In 2016 the hosting provider 123-Reg deleted 67 customer servers due to a bug in a script. The script checked should delete inactive servers, but the check was faulty.

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Photo of server racks

Homelab - just a HDD away

Setting up a homelab doesn't require much.

A second hard drive in a PC is enough to start.

After realizing that magnetic HDDs were good enough for our ancestors' servers, I decided to just start with what I have available rather than waiting for the day I'm able to afford my dream - SSD only, dual CPU - server(-farm).
A 1TB HDD in my primary workstation will do - since it will do all the hard work, any notebook will do for administration.

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screenshot of slashlog


bashblog is a static blog generator, link list and knowledge base.
It solves a simple problem: How to preserve the thought or a summary of an article or video.

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every tool deserves a name

Maintaining a tool requires time and effort. By naming a tool it becomes a thing; a thing that can be loved.

By choosing a pretty name it becomes harder to abandon it.

You don’t want your baby to crash and fail during tests.

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